There is some business I can do without.

OK, so the World Cup 2010 has kicked off in South Africa and even though Ireland have not Qualified, that will not stop crazy Irishmen like me going missing in action until late on Sunday 11th July.

Everywhere you go now there will be a TV showing a match right up to the final. The inherent danger here is that people tend to stay that extra bit longer to see more of the match and maybe have another drink.

Many people will watch from the comfort of their home or maybe call to a friend’s house. Others will gather in their local watering hole to enjoy the crack and atmosphere, but may not realise how many drinks they have had.

It is at times like this that people need to be extra vigilant as they will be out of their normal routine and may be caught off guard with all the excitement. Everyone should absolutely enjoy the World Cup as Lord knows there is enough misery around to last the rest of the year, but if you’re not going to act in a safe manner for your own good, please think of the other people who use the road.

If you are going out to watch the matches please preplan to get home without the car. If you call to the local pub and get caught up in the atmosphere, only stay on with the commitment that you will leave the car and collect it the following day. Preplanning is the vital ingredient as you surely don’t expect yourself to make a very good decision after you’ve had a few drinks.

So come on and let’s be sensible. There’s the taxi or public transport, or designate a driver (who stays sober) and importantly please remember that by drinking the night before you may be over the limit the following morning. If you need the car early the following day then don’t kid yourself the night before, limit your drinking.

For more tips on the effects that alcohol has on your body I suggest that you visit

One third of all fatal road crashes in Ireland are contributed to alcohol. So don’t become a statistic, think of your family and friends, and the pain and suffering you may bring to another family in your community.

So the most important thing is that we go and enjoy the spectacle that is the World Cup but please, PREPLAN.


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