Conquer the Cork Roundabouts

For many years the Roundabouts in Cork have instilled fear in the driving public. This is of little wonder with the confusion caused by the road markings.

In this first edition I demonstrate the correct and safest route to travel through the Kinsale Road Roundabout.
This journey from the City towards Bandon or Ballincollig will take you from the South City link Road to the Westbound Link Road.


8 thoughts on “Conquer the Cork Roundabouts

  1. Might be interesting to see a video on how not to do it… good for a laugh!

    Great work… You’re on to something here I think Paul! Keep it up!

  2. What a great idea. Terrific, lovely length, so clear. The roundabouts of Cork… Would you mind please doing the ones near my house, the Glanmire & Dunkettle roundabouts. Then I’ll be able to send the link to people who come to stay with us.
    And perhaps you’d go over to London and do Marble Arch. I get bouts of nostalgia for that roundabout.

  3. Thank the lord! Finally, someone to tell the Irish driver how to drive. The number of people who have nearly cleaned me on that roundabout because they don’t know how to use the lanes is unreal. Another one to focus on, Paul, is the Bishopstown roundabout (the one beside Dunnes). Also, for some reason, the Halfway roundabout on the way to Bandon constantly attracts Ireland’s worst drivers. They always use the right lane when going straight on (when the markings clearly state that one should use the right lane if going right only).

  4. Thanks be to God – I’m going to save that on my iphone and drive after every eejit that nearly wipes me out at that particular piece of the road and show it to them – it really is quite straightforward…follow the road markings.

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