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I have spent the last 24 years in the Motor Parts industry and also over the past two years in the Tyre and Mechanical repair business, dealing with customers and giving them advice with their vehicle issues as my knowledge of the products, problems and processes are vast. I have been dealing with everything from cars to light commercials but not heavy commercials/trucks.
Some problems are repetitive, for example which is the right oil for my car and which brand should I use? And of course new ones come along all the time like the current issue with E marked tyres. So I have decided to create this blog to share the knowledge and help as many people at once as possible. I would be delighted to help you so please let me know what it is I can do for you.


4 thoughts on “Blog Target

  1. Paul,
    This could be just what I’m looking for – a blog that counteracts the impression that all car service people are likely to do a poor job & rip you off. I exaggerate to make a point.
    I know you because your staff worked on my car and I came away the wiser for the conversation they had with me.
    We, consumers, need someone we can turn to for authority & integrity. I hope you’ll fill that gap, and reach out your influence far beyond your local market in Cork.

    Welcome to the world of business via blogging.
    Another Paul

    • Hi Paul,
      Many thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment. Just like any other business, there are always the bad apples in the barrel. I deal with mechanics and bodyshop repairers every day and on the whole they are good guys. The biggest problem is the lack of customer knowledge of car repairs, which can be taken advantage of and so leads to doubt and mistrust.
      In blogging I aim to alleviate fears and misconceptions and arm people with education to avoid being ripped off. I also want to help those who wish to tackle the repair themselves. Either way, for the reader it’s a win win. Thanks again.

      Paul Allen

  2. Hi Paul, Well done on getting the blog up and going. I’m sure you have loads of topics already planned for the coming months.

    In a purely selfish request, I wonder would you consider a quick post on DIY paint jobs? You mentioned in an previous encounter that you’re store stocks auto paint and supplies also and that you’ve accumulated some experience on the various brands and materials.

    I’m running a small business and this year (with the year that’s in it), we only had a small budget to purchase an old van that has seen better days. It needs a makeover but it’s not worth having re-sprayed or worked on professionally. As someone who enjoys having a crack off DIY projects, I’d be interested to know what you reckon is involved for a ‘chancer’ to try a hand at spray painting? What tools, materials and facilities are needed as a minimum. Can some tools be hired and where? Do you have filler, rust treatments and sanding pads in stock? etc etc… And most importantly, should I do it or am I mad!???

    Best of luck with the Blog!

    • Hi Liam-og,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and posting the comment. Your request for information on DIY vehicle body repair will make a fantastic post. To go from preparation right through to the finish coat will cover a lot of products and processes and it pumps me even thinking about it, I’m biting at the bit to get at it. Stay tuned.


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